Paisley Skye is Turning 1

So, once again, the blog has been negleted due to the phenomenon of Facebook.  It is just so much easier to post a quick little something over there and be done with it.  Well, today I thought about a little post on the blog.  On March 2, Paisley will be turning 1.  And as a tradition in our family, we always host a big birthday bash for their first birthday.  I can still remember Kalei’s 8 years ago.  Or is it 7?  Either way, life was a tad bit more simple and my mind was not ALWAYS on such a creative overload.  Thus, her party was a bit more simple, more laid back.  Then Brighton came along not too far after her, and we did a super fun and rather elaborate “Under The Big Top” party.  The kids LOVED it and had a blast although mine were probably too young to remember. We had games, popcorn, tickets, etc….. it was so much fun.  Even if an unexpected COLD front moved thru Arizona that weekend.  It was like 40 degrees out or something.  Then once again the 1st Birthday Bash Bug struck again when Reesie turned one.  We had a “polka dot” party for her.  And the most time consuming task for that event was the Topsy Turvey Cake I made and my friend Lou helped me roll out the fondant for the top of all the layers. Let me tell ya, the years of pie making has surely helped her rolling skills.

Well, now sweet P is turning 1 and originally we were going to do a Luau theme, but after some thought, I decided that since she shares her birthday with her big brother, why not host another “Under the Big Top” party?  But this time, my plan is to do it with a little more flair and forgo the tradition circus colors and do more of a vintage circus theme- French circus- Cirque Du Paisley!

Of course my mind is going CRAZY with ideas and thoughts.  But I am keeping to a tight budget and I am trying to do things with what I have.  I am spending some money and loving how my thoughts are finally coming together!!!!!

Here are a few things of inspiration:

First found on etsy ( a digital download) by Itkupilli.  There are two of their that I like, I have to decide which on to purchase.

And some FUN fabrics that I will be making a pennant flag from.

There is so much more, but I just wanted to give a little sneak peak!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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Nate {Age 8} Freestone Skate Park, Gilbert AZ

Nater S8er turns 8.  Wow. Does Time FLY.  I always have a great time with this family.  They know just what I like…..photographing kids in their element, environment, doing what they LOVE!  Nate even got to miss a little over an hour of school on Tuesday morning so we could head to the skate park while no one was there.  That was our hope and we were alone for a little while until two older “boys” showed up.  They were great, gave Nate a few pointers and tried to watch their mouths.  I did hear one of them slip and the other was quick to correct him.  Nate had a great time and I was loving how he just rolled with the shoot and skated away.  Toward the end of our shoot, he suddenly had the idea that Sponge Bob on the bottom of his board was not so cool, and he started ripping it off.  Gotta love an 8 year old boy, who is still exploring who he is and discovering all the thrills life has to offer.  Nothing like it.

Thanks Nate for a fun morning.

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Katey & Stephen Spach

She is a lover of horses, a rider since age 5.  He is a lover of sports, a pro ball player.  Together they are a gorgeous couple who are so genuine and sweet.  As I watched Katey care for the horses, and as I chatted with her, it seemed as we had known each other for years- that is how down to earth she was and how easy going she was.  When Stephen showed up, and I started chatting with him, I felt as though I was looking at an old friend (he looks a lot like his sister- who is an old friend of mine).  He too, was just as sweet as Katey- down to earth and easy to get along with.  Katey had recently got a new horse, Chaz, he is a 3 year old Oldenburg gelding.  Chaz is massive and an absolutely GORGEOUS horse.  Because he was new, Katey wanted to be sure to get some images of him with her.  So we did, along with her other horse Valentina and their horse of a dog, Baxter.  Baxter was such a good boy and secretly I wanted to take him home with me.  At first Chaz was not happy having Baxter around, but we took sometime to introduce them slowly and after a few minutes, Chaz had found a new best friend.  It was so sweet.  I had such a fun time, and I have decided that I am just destined to photography horses, dogs and other animals with their people.

Thanks Katey and Stephen, here are a few of my favorites.  There were so many awesome ones, I had a hard time choosing.

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The WHOLE Smith Family

The final family from the Pinetop weekend.  And what an awesome family to end with.  Once again, this session proved to be full of fun and laughter.  From giving Luke a new nickname “Mr.  Titleman” ( he is the mayor and vice principal), to digging into Rachel’s eye to get part of a cattail out- this family knows how to make memories.  I did take pictures of the small surgery Kristen and Josh performed, but I just can’t stand to look at them (because they are of the eye) so, I am not going to post them here.  The whole thing had me crying.  But honestly, I had so much fun and the whole family is such a beautiful family- thanks for having me be your family photographer.

Whole Smith 2009-0001Whole Smith 2009-0003Whole Smith 2009-0003Whole Smith 2009-0009Whole Smith 2009-0025Whole Smith 2009-0031Whole Smith 2009-0034Whole Smith 2009-0039Whole Smith 2009-0059Whole Smith 2009-0062Whole Smith 2009-0066Whole Smith 2009-0072Whole Smith 2009-0075Whole Smith 2009-0079Whole Smith 2009-0084Whole Smith 2009-0090Whole Smith 2009-0098Whole Smith 2009-0099Whole Smith 2009-0108Whole Smith 2009-0119


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Smith Family~ Pinetop, AZ

This fourth family from the weekend- actually had two parts: the immediate Smith Family that is below and then the extended Smith Family- who is up next!  I had so much fun as I was going thru these images.  These boys are such good friends and have such a fun time when they are together.  The laughs and smiles were making me laugh out loud as I was editing away.  Especially the “joy ” picture.  If you notice the first joy picture- the boys joy is so obvious on there faces (or not)!  LOL.  Anyway, we had a fun time and I just love the images.  Here are a few of my favorite.


Smith 2009-0002Smith 2009-0007Smith 2009-0009Smith 2009-0011Smith 2009-0014Smith 2009-0021Smith 2009-0030Smith 2009-0033Smith 2009-0039Smith 2009-0043Smith 2009-0046

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Landrey Family ~ Pinetop, AZ

Family number 3 from the weekend shoot, happens to be my sister-in-law and her super cute family.  My nieces and nephews- all so cute and Emily- the oldest was loving the camera.  She couldn’t pose enough for me, she is a beautiful girl, they all are and they are such beautiful friends to all of my children too.   They wanted to update the big family picture that hangs in their living room, so they wore red and black and white.  The red to match some of their walls, the black to batch their couch and other furniture and white- to break it up a bit.  What a perfect idea.  Here are a few of my favorites!

Landrey 2009-0005Landrey 2009-0008Landrey 2009-0016Landrey 2009-0020Landrey 2009-0023Landrey 2009-0024Landrey 2009-0030Landrey 2009-0032Landrey 2009-0035Landrey 2009-0049Landrey 2009-0052Landrey 2009-0057

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Giannetti Family ~Pinetop, AZ

Family number 2 from the weekend was the Giannetti family. So cute- so sweet.  You may recognize both the little cuties, Aaron and Carter, from sessions in the past few months or so.  Here are just a few of my favorites:

Giannetti 2009-0005Giannetti 2009-0023Giannetti 2009-0031Giannetti 2009-0034Giannetti 2009-0035Giannetti 2009-0048Giannetti 2009-0054Giannetti 2009-0069Giannetti 2009-0086Giannetti 2009-0093Giannetti 2009-0096Giannetti 2009-0101Giannetti 2009-0106Giannetti 2009-0109Giannetti 2009-0133


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